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Rottalhütte: An ascent to match your ambitions

Sep 18, 2023·5 min read

Rottalhütte: Immersion in the Heart of the Majestic Summits

Rottalhütte, more than a refuge, is a destination that challenges the adventurous soul with its demanding route from Stechelberg, nestled deep in the Lauterbrunnental.

A sensational climb

Equipped with fixed ropes and ladders, the trail to the Rottalhütte is specially designed for daring hikers. An experience in itself, even before you reach the summit!

Incomparable panorama

From the hut, your eyes will feast on a breathtaking view:

  • Over the Jungfrau to the Rottalsattel
  • Over the icy north face of the ÄbeniFlue

The sight of the Rottalgletscher below accentuates the feeling of being in another world.

Epic climbs

For those seeking high-mountain challenges, climbs such as the Innere Rottalgrat to the Jungfrau or theStufestei Gletscher to the ÄbeniFlue await.

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