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Lauteraarhütte, an iconic alpine refuge

Sep 18, 2023·5 min read

Lauteraarhütte: Your base for exploring the Aare Massif

Located in the magnificent Aare Massif, Lauteraarhütte stands proudly as a bastion of adventure and serenity.

The ideal starting point for mountaineers

Owned by the Swiss Alpine Club, the Lauteraarhütte is :

  • A perfect base for high-mountain tours.
  • A resting place for hikers after a demanding expedition from the Grimsel hospice.

Breathtaking panoramic views

The view from the hut's terrace is unrivalled:

  • A breathtaking view of the Unteraar and Finsteraargletscher glaciers, both adorned with debris.
  • Admire the majesty of the eastern slope of the Finsteraarhorn.

A walk in the heart of nature

The approach to the hut is an experience in itself:

  • Walk along the Grimselsee through narrow paths carved into the rock.
  • Cross protected marshes where pines soar and flowers add splashes of color. _ Lauteraarhütte, refuge, Club Alpin Suisse, Aare, high mountains, Grimsel, panorama, Unteraar, Finsteraargletscher, Finsteraarhorn, Grimselsee_

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