The Mittellegihütte: A Historic Alpine Refuge


· 5 min read

The Mittellegihütte is a remarkable private hut in the heart of the picturesque Grindelwald landscape, perched at 3355m on the imposing Mittellegigrat, the NE ridge of the Eiger. With a rich heritage dating back to 1924, three years after the first successful climb of the Mittellegigrat, it bears the legacy of a generous donation of 10,000 francs from Yuko Maki, the first Japanese climber. Over the years, the hut has undergone significant transformations to improve its accommodation offering. In 1986, the number of bunks was increased, with the addition of a 10-bunk bivouac a little lower down. Then, in 2001, the venerable Mittellegihütte was replaced by a more spacious building offering 24 comfortable bunks. The old hut, built in 1924, has found new life as a picturesque museum on the Jungfrau Eiger Trail, which runs between Kleine Scheidegg and the Eigergletscher station. To meet growing demand, 2019 saw a further expansion of the Mittellegihütte to now offer 28 bunks, increasing to 38 with the bivouac. The hut also features a large kitchen and dining room to bring all guests together for a shared meal, even when the hut is full.