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Hüfihütte: an Alpine gem amid breathtaking panoramas

Sep 29, 2023·5 min read

Hüfihütte: The Pearl of the Maderanertal

Discover Hüfihütte, a hidden treasure of the Maderanertal, overlooking the picturesque Hüfisee.

A unique mountain setting

Nestled close to the Hüfifirn glacier tongue and framed by impressive peaks reaching 3000 meters:

  • Admire the vast expanses of snow that complete the panorama.
  • Enjoy an unrivalled alpine experience at altitude.

Your Expedition Base

Hüfihütte is a popular starting point for :

  • Numerous mixed expeditions.
  • Crossings to Glarus.
  • It's also the starting point for the Grosse Maderaner Rundtour, a hut-to-hut adventure through the Maderaner.

Explore this iconic mountain hut and discover the wonders of the Maderanertal.

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