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Grünhornhütte: A witness to Swiss mountain history

Sep 30, 2023·5 min read

Grünhornhütte: Witness to the History of the Swiss Alpine Club

Grünhornhütte, at the foot of the majestic Tödi, is more than just a refuge. It is a symbol of Swiss alpine history.

Roofless accommodation

When it was built in 1863, the very year the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) was founded, this unique hut had no roof. Climbers, eager for adventure, used a simple tarpaulin which they placed over the rafters before starting their ascent to the Tödi.

From hut to museum

Time has transformed the Grünhornhütte:

  • A historic monument of Alpine construction.
  • Today, it presents itself as a small museum, open to the curious who wish to relive those moments of the past.
  • Information panels tell the story of the Grünhornhütte's rich history and its contribution to Swiss mountaineering.

Worth noting

It's worth mentioning that, although it bears witness to a bygone era, it is forbidden to use it as accommodation.

Relive the early days of the Swiss Alpine Club and discover Switzerland's mountain heritage with a visit to Grünhornhütte.


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