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Glärnischhütte: A popular mountain refuge in Glarus

Sep 29, 2023·5 min read

Glärnischhütte: Your haven in the heart of the mountains

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Glärnischhütte, nestled beneath the majestic Glärnisch, whose eternal snows can be seen all the way to the Swiss Plateau.

The mystery of Vrenelisgärtli

The nearby Vrenelisgärtli is a peak steeped in legend:

  • Who was Vreneli and what is the fate of his so-called garden?
  • Discover the impressive glacier that took his place.

A strategic point for climbers

The hut is the summer rallying point for :

  • Climbers eager to conquer the peaks of Glarus.
  • Climbing enthusiasts, thanks to a dedicated area nearby.
  • Bouldering enthusiasts, with opportunities just around the corner.

Immerse yourself in this mountain experience at the heart of history and sport.


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