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Etzlihütte - Your private mountain accommodation between Bristen and Sedrun

Sep 20, 2023·5 min read

Etzlihütte stands out as much more than just a Club hut. Set in the picturesque heart of a rhododendron field, it opens the door to a multitude of activities for all ages. Whether you're a family, a senior, a climber or a snow sports enthusiast, Etzlihütte welcomes you for an unforgettable experience.

Activities for all generations

Come and discover a wide range of activities to delight all generations:

  • For Families: Fun and safe activities for families.
  • For Seniors: Quiet walks and enriching seminars.
  • For Climbers: Explore the many via ferrata routes surrounding the hut.
  • For Snow Sports Adventurers: Snowy adventures await winter sports enthusiasts.

Modern infrastructure for courses and seminars

Etzlihütte lends itself perfectly to courses and seminars, offering a unique and inspiring setting for learning away from the everyday.

Easy access and popular crossings

From the Maderanertal, take advantage of theAlpentaxi 's shortened access route to the hut. Don't miss the popular crossings in the Tujetsch and to neighboring huts, which offer great opportunities for mountain adventures.

Unique entertainment and services

Etzlihütte isn't just a place to stay, it's a complete experience with features such as:

  • Tyrolean traverse on the Etzlibach
  • Multiple via ferrata
  • Hot tub for ultimate relaxation

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