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Feb 27, 2024·5 min read
Easily add your visited refuges


The Refuge app, your faithful companion for mountain adventures, has just received some exciting new features to enhance your experience. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or simply passionate about walking at altitude, these updates are designed to make your exploration more intuitive, rewarding and personalized. Let's find out how Refuge is now transforming your outdoor adventures.

1. New "Explore" Interface

  • Simplified Navigation: Discover a redesigned user interface for simpler, more intuitive navigation between refuges and routes.
  • Enhanced Experience: Refined visual elements and logical organization make planning your next hike a breeze.

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2. Optimized routes

  • Clearer Routes: Routes are now more precise and visible, to guide you seamlessly through your explorations.
  • Customize Your Routes: Tailor your route to your desires and abilities, with optimized route suggestions for a tailor-made adventure.

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3. Enhanced Search

  • Quickly Find What You're Looking For: The search function is greatly improved, allowing you to instantly find a hut or route.
  • Intuitive Filters: Use advanced filters to refine your search and quickly arrive at relevant results.

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5. Enriching Available Routes

  • Explore New Horizons: The app now offers a wider range of routes, enriching your experience of discovery and adventure in the mountains.

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6. New: Add Visited Huts to Your Profile

  • Personalize Your Experience: Mark the refuges you've visited and add them to your profile for a personalized follow-up of your adventures.

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7. Contribution and Continuous Improvement

  • A constantly evolving database: We're committed to continually enriching our database to offer you an ever more complete and accurate experience.
  • Your Opinion Counts: Your contribution is essential to help us improve Refuge. Don't hesitate to send us your feedback, suggestions or even the shelters you'd like to see added to the application. Together, we're building a community of mountain enthusiasts and an application that best meets your needs as an adventurer.


With these latest updates and our commitment to continually improving the Refuge database, the app is positioning itself as the essential tool for all mountain lovers. Plan your next adventure with Refuge and discover the mountains in a new light, while contributing to the enrichment of our community. Take the plunge and explore the best nature has to offer, knowing that every step you take on a trail contributes to the enhancement of Refuge.


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