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Discover Gruebenhütte: a hidden jewel in the Alps

Sep 18, 2023·5 min read

Gruebenhütte: the little-known mountain treasure trove

At the heart of the majestic Gruebengletscher, Gruebenhütte stands proudly, offering a sanctuary for mountain lovers and adventurers in search of authenticity.

An idyllic location

Nestled on a rocky spur, just a stone's throw from the charming Gruebenseelein, the hut promises unforgettable moments:

  • Admire the shimmering glacier under the sun's rays.
  • Listen to the gentle murmur of the alpine wind all around.

Comfort and Rusticity in Harmony

Owned by the Academic Alpine Club of Basel, the Gruebenhütte is more than just a refuge:

  • 16 cozy places await travelers eager to immerse themselves in nature.
  • For unforeseen situations, an emergency bivouac with 3 or 4 additional places is available nearby.

Run on a voluntary basis and with no permanent wardens, its rustic ambience is all the more impressive.

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