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Discover the Glecksteinhütte: a popular refuge for mountaineers and hikers

Sep 18, 2023·5 min read

The Glecksteinhütte takes its name from the term 'Gläck', meaning 'lickstone' or 'cattle salt', an essential item brought by shepherds for their sheep in summer. This Swiss Alpine Club hut, formerly known as 'Hotel Gleckstein', is located near the Wetterhorn. In the past, it served as a refuge for mountaineers undertaking glacier ascents and races. Today, it is also a popular venue for small seminars. But it's not just mountaineering enthusiasts who love it. Hikers in search of imposing mountain panoramas also appreciate the Glecksteinhütte. During the ascent, they have the chance to meet 'Tucki', the leader of the local ibex herd, or admire the ruins of the legendary Wetterhorn cableway.


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