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Discover the private Upper Fieschertal hut for a unique alpine experience

Mar 23, 2023·5 min read

Do you dream of a breathtaking alpine escape? Discover this unique private hut, nestled on the western side of the castle, in the Upper Fieschertal. With stunning views of the Fiescher Glacier and surrounded by rock climbing cliffs, this cabin is the perfect place for adventurers seeking tranquility and spectacular scenery. ​

Private hut in the Upper Fieschertal: the ideal starting point for adventurers

​ Located in the mysterious Upper Fieschertal, this private cabin is the ideal starting point for explorers looking for adventure. Whether you are a seasoned hiker, an avid climber or simply a nature lover, this hut offers an exceptional setting to immerse yourself in the alpine world. ​

Climbing cliffs: challenge the Fiescher glacier and the Distelgrat

​ For those who like to push their limits and pretend to be Spider-Man, this hut is surrounded by climbing cliffs for all levels. You can thus challenge west of the Fiescher Glacier or conquer the Distelgrat (Dome of Slot), providing a challenging and rewarding alpine experience. ​

An oasis of tranquility for an intimate and serene experience

​ The private Upper Fieschertal hut only opens its doors to visitors present on site, guaranteeing an intimate and serene experience in a spectacular natural setting. This oasis of tranquility allows you to recharge your batteries away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with the surrounding nature. Let yourself be amazed by the grandiose landscapes and the breathtaking panoramas. ​

Get ready for the ultimate alpine adventure

​ So don't wait any longer and get ready for the ultimate alpine adventure in this private cabin in the Upper Fieschertal. Take out your backpacks and hiking shoes and set off to discover the hidden treasures of this exceptional mountainous region. Whether climbing the surrounding cliffs, traversing the hiking trails or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the site, this unforgettable alpine experience awaits you.


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