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La Cabane d'Orny: Your ideal refuge in the Swiss Mont Blanc massif 🇨🇭🏔️

Mar 29, 2023·5 min read

The Cabane d'Orny is a real hidden treasure for adventure and mountain enthusiasts. Located on the way leading to the Swiss region of the Mont Blanc massif, this large hut offers a perfect starting point for mixed races, climbing, as well as day trips. In addition, this accommodation is ideal for training and courses, especially in summer when it is on the path leading to the Trient hut. ​

Accessibility and amenities of the Cabane d'Orny 🛤️🚠

​ To reach the Cabane d'Orny, you will only need two and a half hours of walking along a path from the upper station of La Breya. You can reach this station by taking the chairlift from Champex Lac. In addition to its accessibility, this cabin is located on the edge of the glacier and the lake of the lateral moraine, offering a picturesque setting for nature lovers. ​

Activities and adventures near the Cabane d'Orny 🧗🚶‍♂️

​ The surroundings of the Cabane d'Orny are perfect for adventurers looking for strong emotions and breathtaking landscapes. Among the activities nearby, you can enjoy: ​

  • Mixed races
  • Escalation
  • Day trips
  • Training and courses ​

Cabane du Trient: A must-see destination in summer ☀️🏕️


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